Seeds and Food Sovereignty

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Seeds and Food Sovereignty

Eastern Himalayan Experiences

We present the learnings of Seeds for the Future: Chapter One workshop in our open-access book, Seeds and Food Sovereignty: Eastern Himalayan Experiences published by North Eastern Social Research Centre (2023). In this book, we centre community engagements and pedagogy to understand farming practices across the Eastern Himalayan region. In doing so, we aim to facilitate new ways of learning together. We hope that this book will inspire further engagements and research with ongoing farming initiatives and food sovereignty movements in the region.

Book Releases

At North East Network’s 14th Biodiversity Festival in Chizami

Chizami (India), March 7, 2023: Our book was released by Seno Tsuhah of Chizami Women Society during the 14th Biodiversity Festival organised by North East Network Nagaland.

Morung Express

Eastern Mirror

At Cafe Kalimpong

Kalimpong, March 15, 2023

At St. Edmund’s College, Shillong

Shillong (India), April 1, 2023

At Decolonizing Himalayas Studies workshop, University of British Columbia

Vancouver (Canada), April 14, 2023

At Agrarian Studies Centre, Yale University

New Haven (United States of America), April 14, 2023

South Asian Studies Center

Book Reviews

  • Something so simple yet so thought-provoking and profound…. The book was very informative and in-depth and did an excellent job of exploring and portraying the different regions of the Eastern Himalayan region, their problems, and the unique food culture. It keeps the readers interested and intrigued with several visual illustrations. The interview format was easy to read and provided the readers with a better understanding of the conversations between the interviewer and the interviewee. The book also sheds light on the struggles of local farmers and how they manage to keep their occupation afloat by adapting to new changes and experimenting with various methods of farming and irrigation processes. The readers can thus gain a new form of appreciation for farmers. – Putusenla Jamir, Tetso College

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